Temporary Workers

We allocate workers, for determined periods, to meet the emergency demands that may occur during the year.

  • Reducting costs with recruitment and selection processes and also with the management of workers.

  • Presentation of candidates who have the necessary experience to fill the vacancies offered, thus saving time with training.

  • Possibility of hiring the workers for a certain period of time.

Curriculum Files

With an updated Curriculum Files, we can offer ideal candidates to fill the vacancies offered. For this:

  • We maintain various channels of communication with candidates, including ads in magazines and social media.
  • We provide online registration that can be filled at any time by the candidates, using computers, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Through regular advertisements on social media, especially on Facebook, we provide immediate access to our online registration.

Direct Contracting

We also perform the presentation of candidates for vacancies offered, for direct contracting by companies.

  • Reduce costs with the recruitment and selection process.

  • Possibility of hiring the workers for a determined period of time prior to the definitivy hiring.

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