Protection of Personal Information
Last updated: February 01, 2019

H&M is committed to maintaining the integrity, privacy and security of Customer and / or User information (“Customer”). This Privacy Policy serves to establish our commitment to the Customer’s privacy and security, as well as to explain H&M’s policies and procedures regarding the collection and use of data.

Privacy: H&M is dedicated to creating and nurturing a trusting relationship with your customers as all personal information collected will be kept safe and private. By entering into this commitment, H&M will make every effort to ensure the integrity of the Customer’s privacy.

Collected Information: H&M uses a variety of data collection methods, such as voluntary collection of data through online contact forms and subscriptions, as well as automated collection systems such as cookies. Personal Information collected by H&M will vary according to the collection method. Personal identification information is collected voluntarily through the use of forms. This information may include name, address, telephone number, email address, and other data required to provide services. Automated collection media, such as cookies, are used to collect information about your use of the site.

Automated information collection: H&M uses common automated information collection systems, such as cookies. Cookies serve to identify the user and track his visit to the site, aiming to know the areas that need more attention and thus offer a service with constant improvement, and the cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.

Use of information: H&M uses the information collected for a variety of purposes, primarily for customer contact. But under no circumstances will H&M share this information with third parties either by compensation or free of charge, unless you specifically authorize the disclosure or in case of using the force of law such as a court order.

Security: H&M adopts strict security policies against intrusions, equipment failures and programs, but it is not possible to guarantee infallibility of these systems. However, all pages on the site have SSL encryption, which is a global standard for information security, ensuring that all transmitted data is confidential and secure. It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that the loss, misuse or alteration of this data will not occur. In the event of such occurrence, H&M will notify the affected individual by e-mail, fax or, if necessary, by mail.

Sending of e-mails: H&M will be able to send Newsletter, for the Customers registered through the site, with content related to its activities. However, at any time, you may be requesting the cancellation of sending the Newsletter through the .

Links to other sites: H&M website may contain links to other sites, but H&M is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content presented therein.

Other considerations: This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, so check it periodically. Any questions about the operation of this site, about its privacy policy and about the use of Personal Information should be directed to us through the e-mail: .

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